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Natural Ingredients
Vegan Friendly &
Buffalo Milk Soap
Eco Friendly
Plastic Free
No Palm oil

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It all started a few years ago! well, over 15 years ago, when I first explored Holistic and Eco-living. I trained and qualified as a complementary therapist for almost 10 years now. loving my work, helping people recover from illness, injury, or just having a pamper, it was lovely to help, revitalise, rejuvenate, and help restore homeostasis.
I trained further in skincare, where I could help people before they came to see me. So using my Aromatherapy skills, and my obsession ( from a very early age) and love of soap, I started to make soap, bath bombs, natural skincare products! All Natural, using Essential oils, Butters, Clay's and Botanical's, and Organic Buffalo milk ( in some of the soaps ) 
So my soap making obsession had begun. After many trials I finally formulated a soap I was happy with, So of went the formulations, to the chemist to be assessed. They passed! enabling me to produce and sell soap safely to this day.

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